Zinex Mining Corp


Designed for Diamond Drillers, by Diamond Drillers

Zinex Mining produces high performance diamond drills for the exploration industry. Our strength lies in the fact that the model A5® and U5 were designed by diamond drillers for diamond drillers. While most drill manufacturers are just that – manufacturers, Zinex is a company whose roots are in the contract drilling and exploration industry. When a client calls Zinex to talk about their drill, they are talking to fellow diamond drillers.

Since 2006 we’re proud to say we are one of the world’s leading diamond drill manufacturers having produced almost 400 drills to date. Zinex manufactures four different models – a surface model (A5®), an underground model (U5), as well as a Shack Drill and Track Drill. By producing only four models we are able to support our clients to a level we believe is unmatched. Clients will never be backordered on parts.

Better than 95% of drill parts ordered are shipped with 4 hours receiving the order, this includes weekends and holidays. All drills are manufactured to exact specifications which allows every drill we produce to be completely interchangeable with all previous drills.

24/7 Support

The key to our success is after-sales customer support. We know that diamond drilling is not a nine to five profession. Whether you are on a remote alpine sidehill or in the high arctic, we will be there to answer your call 24 hours a day 7 days a week, because we have been there too. All drills are still being produced in-house along with custom projects such as shacks and sloops.

Price remains unchanged since 2006 at $225,000 CAD for the base unit.